Uncle Trey – Thought I Lyrics

My people, my soldiers, I put them on my shoulders
Ride till we blow the motor, I swear I thought I told ya
My ex bitch, it’s over, my next bitch so much colder
Can’t f*ck with mediocre, I swear I thought I told ya
We rollin’, that doja, that henny in my holder
You know we never sober, I swear I thought I told ya
I’m snapping, bi-polar, I’m tryna get composure
I’m on they head like rollers, I swear I thought I told ya

[Verse 1]
Young nigga and he rep that Ro
By the way of the uptown, X
Just tryna make a dollar from these flows
A 9 to 5 won’t cut that check
To get me and my niggas these hoes
And get us out financial stress
And put us in designer clothes
And get ya girl up out her dress
Ain’t no bluffs man I’m all in
Bum rushed in, you niggas just stallin
Check the scoreboard homie, all wins
But blown out by the L’s that we coughing
They rather see me in a coffin
Wet a nigga, wanna have my mama bawlin
Instead of ballin’, Spalding
Net worth from the net like I’m Jordan
Why fake it till I make it?
Know my shit sick so I’m patient
Straight shots and thots, we ain’t chasin
Party in the Virgin Islands to the Cayman’s
Gettin’ wasted all the time for times wasted
I ain’t really play the game to make statements
I just came to keep em shook and get shakin’
And try to get my bros to ball like I’m Peyton
Wait man
Thought I told you that I came to get it
If another nigga got it, it’s mine, I lent it
Riding through the city in that all black tinted
And them hoes pop eyes when I spend that spinach

Might ask who he think he is
Well my reply is simply this
You thought wrong if it’s anything less
Than just that nigga sitting silky, bitch


[Verse 2]
Top floor, 5 star with a ten
Twenty if you wanna count her and her friend
Off brown and the sour, butt naked in my suite
And they doing to my dick what I do over beats
Real talk, I deserve this
Deserve every check cashed, every purchase
Remember waking up thinking I was worthless
Now I wake up every morning with a purpose
Turn this, lemon into lemonade
Living regular? Nah, I rather regulate
This is God’s plan, why would I hesitate?
To be fair, I been praying for these better days
Smoke better grade, then I sit and meditate
On how to keep the real close and fake separate
Every time I think I peak, I still levitate
So til the curtains close, know imma set the stage
Hoes flock to the future warren buffet
Beggin’ for the wood, tryna polish it and buff it
The whip spit shine, like the lines I spit
She same color what she swallow and the lines she sniff
Man I’m all about mine
My grind, my time, my shine
I could only ever have the personality assigned
Why copy? Others see a future in my design
You numb nuts gotta feel me
If not charge it to the game, tell em bill me
This is all I gotta offer, just the real me
Game changed, they all the same but I’m still me
They ride you when they can’t get rid of you
Remember everybody ridiculed
So I’ll teach em off principle
Become the goat when I show em what the kid’ll do

event_note May 28, 2020

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