Falls Of Rauros – Memory At Night Lyrics

Corporeal symptoms of influence
Proliferate and beset the unwatchful
And the unstudied night waits
Malevolent and conspiring
Proximal to the living mind’s accomplice
A corrupt nostalgia

Nourish your dread, quiet sentinel
Submit to the passage of no finality
Stand adjacent to the halls of obscurity
Assailed by perplexing cacophony
Last declension
No paths to follow

Apparitions conduct their transparency
Fielding the vague recollections
Bearing gifts of nauseous opacity
Perfect corruption intangible

Memory at night is a subtlety
Rain pattering on the canopies
Of collective disquiet
Old doubt flung careless
To the certitude that kept you
Bliss came into existence
Solely to unravel

event_note June 2, 2020

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