2ru3 – My Heart Lyrics


Eyes teary when often hearing mention of your name
Missing moments I could behold that smile upon your face

Day to day, you come to mind and I commence to pray
Then I shed a tear cause I turned and swore I heard you call my name

I plead for God to keep and shield you from your enemies
To help you heal and embrace the beauty of your inner queen

Many things have tried to sneak your life and leave it tortured
Trying to label you as everything other than Gods’ daughter

Lil soulja, you know the Lord and my heart’s towards ya
I’m for ya, and down to hold you ’til this life is over

I’m hoping, to see you laugh and smile and play again
To spread your wings and manifest the greatness that’s within

Memories, embedded deeply within my heart
Me and you, chilling with Goldie rolling in the park

In my heart, only affection and respect I hold
For you are, a queen whose worth her weight in gold and more


Family pictures upon my shelf got me reminiscing
Wishing to simply hold your hand again and hug and kiss ya

Playing with Goldie singing songs while cooking in the kitchen
Letting him drive while I hold the steering wheel, he steady whipping

Pictures painted within my brain of a brighter day
Fighting through darkness playing memories from yesterday

Though in the midst of the rough and rugged I been scarred and marred
The love I have for you remained and never left my heart

You hear me, through the thick and thin I never sought to hate ya
You feel me, only up-build strengthen and elevate ya

Sincerely, I cherish you and see you as a jewel
And one day soon I hope to hear you say you see it too

I remember wiping your tears as you began to cry
Simply holding you letting you know that I’m by your side

Bottom line, I ain’t the kind that’s sent in life to leave you
But indeed l-o-v-e you, 2Ru3


event_note May 27, 2021

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