Diddy Spotted Kissing Future & Bow Wow Baby Mama Joie Chavis, Twitter Reacts

It seems that Diddy Love has found love in Joie Chavis as he was seen romancing the baby mother of Future and Bow Wow, who was coincidentally once the protégé of Diddy as a young artist.

Speculators on the internet have their heads spinning as they connect the dots with Diddy’s and Joie’s dating history.

News reports on Tuesday suggested that Diddy was meeting an old girlfriend while on vacation to Venice, Italy. However, many were shocked when paparazzi photos surfaced showing and Joie in various photos showing PDA and even kissing.

The two appear to be close, with Diddy seen grabbing Chavis’ butt and holding her from behind, and even kissing her.

Both appeared comfortable and alone as they enjoyed time together on the mega yacht. Fans, on the other hand, couldn’t help but share their surprise at the unlikely pair.

Chavis has two children with Bow Wow and Future. However, dating Diddy is too close for comfort for many who also pointed out that both Future and Diddy also dated Lori Harvey even though Chavis’ relationship with Future was a while back.

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Several reactions on Twitter appeared to make connections with rappers all dating the same people, which included Bow Wow, formerly dating Future’s baby mother, Ciara.

Meanwhile, some reacted with surprise that Diddy was seen with Chavis as he was speculated to be dating City Girls Rapper Yung Miami.

Fans were quick to point out the two were friends.

“And she be all up under Careshas pics sheesh lol,” she said. “girl they just been at the club together,” another said while others pointed out that the two women recently made Tik Toks together and were on each other’s Instagram Stories hanging out.

So Lori Harvey used to date Future and Bu Thiam, who are also Joie Chavis’ exes. Joie has a baby with Future, who also has a baby with Ciara, and Joie also has a baby with Bow Wow, who used to date Ciara. And now Joie is with Diddy, who used to date Lori Harvey. It’s a lot y’all. pic.twitter.com/8em1MDrhTY

— Delilah Benson (@DelilahBenson12) September 7, 2021

Yung Miami when she sees Diddy hooking up with Joie Chavis on his yacht pic.twitter.com/bGtja2Yyjj

— Rich (@UptownDC_Rich) September 7, 2021

Diddy And Joie Chavis? ?

What happened to Caresha? Why is everyone dating the same 3 people? How many business days will this last? Joie is securing her bags & Diddy just wants to find any young currently poppin thang to occupy his time until he’s onto the next. pic.twitter.com/HQRBI4yrat

— WellTheTruthIs (@truth_well) September 7, 2021

Diddy be spending more money on the girls than on his artists. Go Joie ! pic.twitter.com/a9vteqQRLt

— Kordell is not perfect by far ! (@biigforehead93) September 7, 2021

Meanwhile, Joie Chavis is completely unbothered after photos of her with Diddy getting cozy on a yacht surfaced? pic.twitter.com/c2Pa7OXypC

— TheShadeRoom (@TheShadeRoom) September 8, 2021

these girls be tricking Diddy out.. GO JOIE CHAVIS pic.twitter.com/UGuHgiFtNc

— court?. (@forever_lashaun) September 7, 2021

The Lori Harvey/ Future/ Joie Chavis/ Bow Wow/ Ciara/ Diddy industrial complex must be stopped. It's giving conglomerate. It's giving pyramid scheme. Herbal Life teas. pic.twitter.com/kdP7e7ge9q

— Louise Litt (@moni_lisa) September 7, 2021

Joie is climbing the ranks though. Good for her. From Bowwow to Future to Diddy. Mama is getting up there!

— Brittany? (@britshaniece) September 7, 2021

If Joie gets pregnant by Diddy she is officially the greatest baby mama of all time lol.

— The Purse Dealer ? (@hausofsyy) September 8, 2021

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