Loudog – Waste My Time Lyrics

Don’t you waste my time
If all you’re gonna tell me is how wonderful you are.
I know that you’re lying.
No one is perfect, no one I met so far.
So concentrate on trying
Behaving like a normal person ‘cause you ain’t no
Tell me how do you define
being good, being honest, being who you are?

You lie when you say you don’t fail!
You drive me crazy when you say
You got no problems, you’re OK!
Everybody’s got something to hide, no doubt!
Everybody’s got something to lie about!
Everybody’s gon’ try to survive somehow!

Everybody’s got something to lie about!

Don’t you waste my time
Telling me that you feel no-one really understands.
It’s you’re problem it’s not mine
But do yourself a favour and stop foolin’ with your
And then won’t you (please) stop to whine.
You knew what you did, you don’t lie on accident.
So for now it’s good to be kind.
People gon’ forgive you in the end.
Just don’t keep on saying you don’t fail.
You need an honest upright way Of living or you won’t be

event_note September 12, 2021

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