[Verse 1]
Gangsta Grillz
No remedies
But life lessons to melodies
[?] science like chemistry
Televise this energy
Can’t describe four letters be
The threat of these
Don’t mean to get too deep
But I’m working on a better me
Got some ends I gotta meet
Ain’t got nothing to offer me
The I ain’t seen before
Been building [?] before
Since before we were [?]

The black hole I’ve been feeding
Has just opened the door
Left me floating in abyss
I’m a poet ’cause I see things before they exist
I’m an icon without sequins
I’m setting the trends
Got [?] famous
I’m stuck with my friends
My day ones with my Nikes on
In the right zone is this flight
Coming back home
Runnin’ backwards instead of forward
Me, I’m feeling grown
Since I had my daughter
Now I had to change my goals
And become a father
And I learned this on my own
This is the life I chose
Won’t become my father
Run from my genes in jeans
I’’m getting farther from being mean
For their own scened
I tell myself that I choose [?] not choose me
Constant contact with insanity
Since I’ve been born
Supremacy flawed ’cause you’re my enemy
I’m too close for comfort
Like Holyfield [?]
They’re all fightin’ for an Oscar
Something wrong with your brain, man
Think you need a doctor
See through you like an actor
I hear fakeness in your laughter
Fuck skipping a page, I’ma skip your whole chapter
Ain’t a day that I’ve aged
While i’m [?]
Strengthen my own
‘Cause I’m reliant on
Fuck the queen, she got knighted for the violence
[?] all you get is silence
I can’t wait to get my
I just hit another
My life
Tryna balance on

I’m just focused on the cyclo
[?] like lycan
Just the beats
All my feelings
Don’t need revival
Don’t need a idol

We movin’ through the [?] can’t we?
We groovin’ through the [?] do you believe love?

[Verse 2]

On a short verse
I love my swagger
With the idea
No disrespect
Like the flintstones
Like sonic
I’ma kill it

Fuck the
Fuck the fam

Praying to church

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