Bat Fangs – Queen Of My World


Do you remember way back when you were young?
Kick the Skull and the crossbones, get high, have some fun
Drivin’ fast in your neighborhood
Carve a pentagram in a tree down in the woods (Yeah)
Nothing could touch us on the other side (Wooh yeah)
We were living it, our own world, at the night (Woah)
When you think about all the things you’ve done (Woah)
In your mind are they yellow like the sun? (Woah)
Playing loud on your radio
You feel like moving fast but you got nowhere to go

Woah yeah

Do you remember way back whеn you were young?
You werе the queen of my world in the sun
You were the queen of my world in the sun

event_note September 29, 2021

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