The Ministry of Education has prepared a draft of new rules for Russian spelling

The Ministry of Education proposed to update the spelling rules of the Russian language, the draft resolution is posted on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The rules of Russian spelling and punctuation, which are currently relevant, have been approved yet in 1956 and became the first compulsory code. It is noted that during this time a number of significant inaccuracies were found in the wording of the rules. In addition, various changes have taken place in the language. New words have appeared in it, for example, such as: dealer, offshore, default, realtor, karate, low-cost airline.

The new set will make the rules more complete and in line with the current state of the Russian language, the ministry believes.

Earlier, linguists talked about the correct pronunciation of the word “ covid ''. The most used variant with an emphasis on the second syllable, but the orthoepic norm has not yet taken shape. & Nbsp;


event_note November 9, 2021

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