Which countries can Russian tourists fly to from November?

Since November 9, Russia has resumed regular flights with nine more countries. This was previously reported in the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus infection. The list of countries to which you can fly from the Russian Federation has been supplemented by the Bahamas, Iran, the Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Slovenia, Tunisia, Thailand and Sweden. & Nbsp;

Which cities will the planes fly to?

From November 9, 2021, the following flights are planned:

& mdash; Bahamas on the route Moscow & mdash; Nassau (two flights per week);

& mdash; Iran on the routes Moscow & mdash; Tehran (three flights a week), Sochi & mdash; Tehran (one flight per week);

& mdash; Netherlands on routes Moscow & mdash; Amsterdam (seven flights a week), Moscow & mdash; Eindhoven (two flights a week), St. Petersburg & mdash; Amsterdam, Zhukovsky & mdash; Amsterdam, Yekaterinburg & mdash; Amsterdam, Kaliningrad & mdash; Amsterdam and Sochi & mdash; Amsterdam (two flights per week on each route);

& mdash; Norway on the routes St. Petersburg & mdash; Bergen and St. Petersburg & mdash; Oslo (two flights per week);

& mdash; Thailand on the routes Moscow & mdash; Bangkok and Moscow & mdash; Phuket (two flights per week on each route);

& mdash; Oman on the route Moscow & mdash; Mask (two flights per week);

& mdash; Slovenia on the route Moscow & mdash; Ljubljana (three flights per week);

& mdash; Tunisia on the route Moscow & mdash; Monastir (seven flights a week), St. Petersburg & mdash; Monastir (two flights per week). Also, with Tunisia, flights will open from Russian airports, from which international flights have been resumed, to Monastir with a frequency of two flights a week on each route;

& mdash; Sweden on the routes St. Petersburg & mdash; Stockholm and St. Petersburg & mdash; Gothenburg (two flights per week).

Also from November 9, Russia lifts restrictions on regular and charter flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Flights will resume from cities where international flights have been restored. & Nbsp;

In which of these countries can Russian tourists rest?

For tourist purposes, Russians can visit the Bahamas, Oman, Slovenia, Tunisia and Thailand.

These countries have the following antique measures for tourists:

– Bahamas

The country does not recognize Russian vaccines, so all travelers need a negative PCR test for coronavirus. The analysis must be submitted no earlier than 5 days before arrival. Children 2-11 years old can have a rapid antigen test.

– Oman

Only vaccinated travelers, including the Sputnik V drug, can visit Oman. The second dose of the vaccine must be received no later than 14 days before travel. Entering the country will also require a negative PCR test result taken no earlier than 96 hours before arrival (for flights over 8 hours), or 72 hours (for shorter international flights).

Before traveling, tourists need to register on a special website & nbsp; and download the vaccination certificate and the test result for coronavirus.

– Slovenia

You can go to Slovenia with a negative PCR test done not earlier than 72 hours prior to arrival, or a negative rapid antigen test performed at least 48 hours prior to travel.

The country also accepts the Sputnik V vaccination certificate. In this case, the vaccination must be done no earlier than 180 days before arrival in Slovenia. The same terms apply to certificates that a tourist has had a coronavirus.

It is worth noting that only those Russians who already have an open Schengen visa can enter the country. To date, Slovenia itself does not issue a visa.

– & nbsp; Thailand

Earlier, the Russian headquarters noted that only vaccinated travelers would be able to visit the country. We are talking about the drug Sputnik V, which was approved in Thailand.

About a week before travel, you will need to complete a Thailand Pass application. In the future, a QR code will be sent to the tourist's e-mail, which will need to be shown at the airport of arrival along with a negative result of the PCR test, made no earlier than 72 hours before the trip. & Nbsp; Two more analyzes are submitted on the territory of the country & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; at the airport of arrival and at the hotel on the 6-7th day of stay.

Tourists from Russia need to go through a 7-day paid quarantine. & nbsp;

– Tunisia

You can relax in Tunisia without quarantine only with a voucher purchased from a tour operator. Independent travelers will have a 7-day quarantine.

Tourists vaccinated with any Russian vaccine must provide a certificate of vaccination from the public services portal, completed at least 14 days before arrival.

Travelers who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus, must provide a negative PCR test result. The analysis must be submitted no earlier than 72 hours before departure. & Nbsp;



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