Shoigu revealed the details of the modernization of the submarine cruiser “Irkutsk”

“Killer aircraft carriers will expand the capabilities of the Pacific Fleet”

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, during a conference call with the military leadership on November 9, spoke about plans to modernize the missile submarine cruiser “; Irkutsk ''. The repair of the submarine has been delayed, but now the process, presumably, will accelerate. The Far East plant Zvezda is responsible for this.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Irkutsk – submarine of project 949A “ Antey ''. Built in the 80s. In 2013, it was decided to give the boat a second life. And now, apparently, the modernization project has been approved at the very top. As Shoigu said, “ it is planned to equip the ship with the latest missile, torpedo and radio-technical weapons, as well as modern means of communication, which will significantly increase its combat effectiveness. ''

New missile weapons have been developed for the Russian Navy. These are Zircon naval hypersonic missiles that have been successfully tested. Most likely, Irkutsk will receive these missiles.

As the Minister of Defense said, “ the modernization of the cruiser will extend its service life by at least ten years and expand the combat capabilities of the Pacific Fleet. '' And this is already serious. The United States today maintains several carrier strike groups in the Pacific. The United States also has several large military bases, including the strategic base Guam. Our Pacific Fleet has to take all this into account.

Submarines of project 949A “ Antey '' just designed to fight aircraft carrier groupings. They are called “ aircraft carrier killers. ''

On the timing of the commissioning of Irkutsk; in operation is not reported. According to unofficial data, this & nbsp; may happen as early as 2023.

Before the modernization of Irkutsk carried 24 torpedoes and 24 Onyx missiles. The speed of the submarine under water is 33 knots or slightly more than 60 km/h. It can dive to a depth of 500 meters. Performs combat missions without entering the base for up to four months. In the crew of 130 officers and contract soldiers, there are no conscripts.

In addition to discussing the fate of the nuclear missile carrier, Shoigu dwelled on the epidemiological situation in the Armed Forces. He cited such data. In the army and navy, & nbsp; 95% of military personnel are vaccinated. More than 300 thousand servicemen have already undergone revaccination. By the end of the year, this figure will increase by another 253 thousand. & Nbsp;

In conclusion, the minister spoke on the topic of military-patriotic education of servicemen. He said that the film Sky, which was filmed with the support of the Ministry of Defense, dedicated to the military pilot Oleg Peshkov, who died in Syria, will be included in the list of films that must be watched in the Russian Armed Forces. “ In this regard, I ask the commanders-in-chief of the branches of the Armed Forces, the commanders of the military districts and the Northern Fleet, the branches of the armed forces, the heads of the military command and control agencies to provide the personnel with the opportunity to watch the movie 'Sky', '' ordered Shoigu.


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