Sobyanin called the time frame for making decisions on new antiquated measures

The mayor announced an improvement in the situation in Moscow. He called the current week very important in terms of decisions on further measures

Sergei Sobyanin

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said during a meeting of the government council to combat the spread of coronavirus that this week will be fundamental in determining further steps to combat the spread of the virus.


“ We will look at the indicators at the end of the week and, based on the analysis, we will make a decision on further measures. I hope that the situation will be more or less stable '', & mdash; he said.

In general, according to the mayor, the situation in Moscow is improving. So, for example, on Monday the volume of hospitalizations was lower than a week ago, when the city was still on non-working days. “ And the volume of pneumonia decreased by 18%, mostly covid pneumonia. All this suggests that the spread of coronavirus infection has slowed down, '' & mdash; said Sobyanin.

Also, the mayor of the capital noted the good rates of vaccination and the sufficient interest of the population in the vaccination campaign. “ Over the past week, about 100 thousand people signed up and were vaccinated with the first component and 100 thousand signed up for vaccination, '' & mdash; the mayor said.

On November 4, Sobyanin announced that the full effect of non-working days would become clear only after Muscovites return to work. “ Of course, non-working days will certainly have some effect, because the communication chain has been broken, '' & mdash; he said.

The city's holiday period lasted from 28 October to 7 November. At this time, only shops selling at least 30% of essential goods (food and non-food), as well as pharmacies, could receive visitors. Later, Sobyanin clarified that the authorities would not extend the non-working days, as the dynamics of the incidence of coronavirus stabilized.

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