The politician called the condition for the resumption of the forum opened by Putin and Schroeder

The work of the Petersburg Dialogue forum may be resumed after the lifting of restrictions on German non-profit organizations recognized as undesirable organizations in Russia, Matthias Platzeck, a member of the forum's board, told RBC

Vladimir Putin (second from left) and Angela Merkel (third from left) on plenary session within the framework of the Petersburg Dialogue forum. 2012

The lifting of restrictions on three German NGOs recognized as undesirable organizations in Russia remains a key condition for the resumption of the Petersburg Dialogue, said Matthias Platzeck, forum board member and chairman of the German-Russian Forum (in 2005 and 2006, the head of the SPD).

“ At the moment, this is the key condition for the resumption of the work of the Petersburg Dialogue. We'll see in a few weeks, months if we can find a way out of this difficult situation. Let's remember the period of the Cold War. We looked at each other through the palisades of missiles. The situation seemed insoluble, but in the end a solution was found. So what we have now is not a big problem '', & mdash; he said on the sidelines of the Potsdam meetings in Moscow.

Board of the public forum “ Petersburg Dialogue '' from the German side announced the decision to suspend all bilateral events and meetings of the working Russian-German groups on July 27. The reason was that the Russian Prosecutor General's Office recognized three German non-governmental organizations participating in the forum as undesirable. The ban included the Forum of Russian-Speaking Europeans, the Center for Liberal Modernity, and the German-Russian Exchange. (all three were recognized as undesirable on the territory of Russia), which, according to the department, “ pose a threat to the foundations of the constitutional order and security of the Russian Federation. '' All three organizations are members of the Petersburg Dialogue. The German side has suspended bilateral contacts pending the resolution of “ critical issues '' related to the current restrictions on these NPOs.

“ Most of the people on the presidium of the Petersburg Dialogue '' were and are of the opinion that it was worth stopping his work out of a sense of solidarity, '' & mdash; said Platztek. He noted that the German-Russian Forum had decided to continue the dialogue with Russian partners. “ I think that in such difficult times it is even more important to stay in touch and continue communication. I think there is a good rationale for both positions. At the moment, bilateral dialogue is already so severely limited that I didn’t want to see any new restrictions, ”,“ & mdash; Plaztek explained.

Commenting on the statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin that Moscow is ready to resume the work of the Petersburg Dialogue, under the new Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, if he showed interest, he declared the need for a compromise. “This is a big problem and I don’t know how to solve it. Therefore, I am in favor of holding events within the framework of the German-Russian Forum. If we do not have a dialogue, then there can be no question of any solution to the problem. Mr. Putin spoke, we also discussed this issue, now we need to find a compromise. When two parties want to move forward, they need to be ready to take a step back at the right time, '' & mdash; said a board member of the Petersburg Dialogue.

Plaztek added that he would like Russia and Germany not to be afraid of civil society. & laquo; Civil Society & mdash; uncomfortable, but it doesn't have to be that way. I myself took part in civil initiatives in the GDR. Yaby wanted the conditions for the further development of civil society to be created, which would become a contribution to the social development of our states, '', & mdash; he said.

Forum of Civil Societies of Russia and Germany “ Petersburg Dialogue '' was created in 2001 on the initiative and under the patronage of President Vladimir Putin and then Federal Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder.

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