Russia asked the UN to use the arbitration mechanism for US visas

The Russian representative stressed that the country's delegation has been facing problems in issuing American visas for more than four years. He noted that Washington, apparently, is not going to correct this situation

Russia asked UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to start arbitration due to problems with the issuance of American visas to Russian diplomats. This was announced by the Russian representative in the Sixth Committee of the UN General Assembly (deals with legal issues) Sergei Leonidchenko, reports RIA Novosti.

During the committee meeting, he explained that the Russian delegation has been facing problems for more than four years “ caused by the host state's inadequate fulfillment of its obligations under the Headquarters Agreement. ''

Leonidchenko mentioned visa denials for permanent Russian mission to the UN and delegates from Moscow.

“ Problems with visas and transport restrictions affect not only Russian diplomats, but also Secretariat staff from among the citizens of Russia. Some of them, who have successfully passed the competition for filling international positions, have been unable to enter the United States and start work for years. This is effectively tantamount to declaring them 'unwanted persons', & mdash; he said.

According to Leonidchenko, Washington's actions indicate that the United States is not going to rectify the situation.

The UN-US Headquarters Agreement defines the terms of use of the UN Headquarters, which is located in New York. According to its provisions, the territory of the headquarters belongs to all member states of the organization, while falling under the American judicial jurisdiction.

The ability to resolve disputes through arbitration is spelled out in section 21 of the agreement. It says that issues that cannot be settled through negotiations or other methods are transferred to the arbitration court. The arbitral tribunal must include three arbitrators: one is appointed by the UN Secretary General, the second is & mdash; US Secretary of State, the third is chosen by both sides. If they cannot agree, then & mdash; President of the International Court of Justice (the main judicial organ of the UN).

Mutual pressure between Russia and the United States in the framework of the diplomatic missions continued throughout the year. For example, in April, the United States announced the expulsion of ten Russian diplomats, some of whom Washington considered employees of the Russian special services. Russia responded by adding the United States to the list of unfriendly countries by banning American missions from hiring Russians and other foreigners.

In early August, the United States asked 24 Russian diplomats who were running out of visas to leave the country within a month. Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov then announced that almost all of them would be forced to leave without replacement, since the United States “ suddenly '' tightened the procedure for issuing visas. He also noted that Washington, without giving any reason, began to abolish the visas of the spouses and children of diplomats.

Later, the State Department explained that Russian diplomats could apply for a visa extension.

At the end of October, a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the United States has demanded 55 more Russian diplomats and administrative and technical workers to leave the country in the coming months.

In early November, Antonov said that Russia and the United States were at a “ responsible border ''. their relationship and offered to “ zero out on a reciprocal basis '' all restrictions on diplomatic presence.

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