Life corrector. Ward “AiF. Kind heart “will receive an expensive medicine

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” № 45. Apples in the snow and vegetables also 10/11/2021

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Take two pills and do not choke & ndash; the dream of cystic fibrosis patients is beginning to come true. Ward “ AiF. Kind heart '' will receive from the state a gene corrector for cystic fibrosis.

In early 2022, little Ignatiy Ovchinnikov from the Volgograd region, to whom the fund paid for a vibrating vest and medicines that allowed the baby to live up to 2 years without pneumonia and bronchitis, became a contender for the Orcambi gene preparation. By taking two tablets a day, he will be able to give up inhalations, mucolytics and antibiotics. Under the influence of Orcambi sputum will easily liquefy and be removed from the lungs without additional effort. & nbsp;

This week, the child is taking a blood test so that geneticists will check it for hidden mutations. If they are not found, a proofreader will be purchased for Ignatius. The drug is taken for life, the annual supply costs 15 million rubles. The Ovchinnikovs, like other families, will receive it from the state for free. & Nbsp;

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