Bloomberg learned that Merkel is waiting for a call from Putin because of Lukashenka

The German Chancellor was expecting the Russian President to call her back after the last conversation on the situation in Belarus

Angela Merkel, the acting German Chancellor, after telephone conversations with Vladimir Putin today, expects the Russian President to call her again before nightfall. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing a source in the EU authorities.

According to the agency's interlocutor, she asked the Russian president to influence Alexander Lukashenko in order to resolve the migration crisis on the border with Poland. “ She conveyed a clear message to Putin that he needs to talk to Lukashenko, '' & mdash; the source stated.

Earlier, the press service of the German Chancellor has already reported that Merkel asked Putin to help with the issue of migrants, but a possible second conversation by Berlin was not mentioned. “ The Chancellor stressed that the use of migrants by the Belarusian regime as a tool against the European Union is inhuman and completely unacceptable and asked the Russian president to influence the regime in Minsk, '' & mdash; said in the report of the telephone conversation. The Kremlin's message described the conversation between the two leaders in a shorter way: “ The situation with refugees on the borders of Belarus with the EU countries is examined in detail. Concern was expressed about the humanitarian consequences of the migration crisis. '' At the same time, the Kremlin advised the German Chancellor to discuss this topic directly with Minsk.

Earlier, Reuters reported about the possibility of the European Union imposing new sanctions against Belarus due to migrants. According to Politico, the package of sanctions will include two sections: one is dedicated to the Belarusians responsible for organizing the flow of migrants to the border, and the second – & mdash; guilty of human rights violations in Belarus. As a legal basis for the imposition of sanctions, the EU plans to add a new category & mdash; “ human trafficking. ''

The migration crisis on the borders of Belarus has been dragging on since spring & mdash; this summer, the number of migrants increased sharply after Alexander Lukashenko announced that he did not intend to cooperate and help the EU on illegal migration. By the beginning of November, the number of migrants had reached a peak, and a refugee camp had formed on the border with Poland, trying to break through the border. The Polish authorities had to pull troops to the border to suppress attempts to violate the border, and the Polish border guards & mdash; use tear gas against migrants.

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