What will the weather be like in winter 2021-2022?

The coming winter in Russia will be warmer than previously predicted. This was told to radio Sputnik by the chief specialist of the Phobos weather center. Evgeny Tishkovets .

How warm will the winter be?

Earlier forecasters predicted that the temperature in the coming winter in Russia will be around the climatic norm. For example, in Moscow, the monthly average air temperature in December is & minus; 5 °, in January & mdash; & minus; 6.5 °, in February & mdash; & minus; 6.7 °.

But the latest data has allowed meteorologists to adjust forecasts for winter 2021-2022 towards a warmer scenario. Tishkovets notes that temperatures in December, January and February will be “ on average about two degrees warmer than normal. ''

How else will the coming winter be?

The amount of precipitation in winter will be in line with the norm, the expert says. According to him, Russians will expect a “ mild version of winter with a fairly large amount of snow. '' The weather will be comfortable: not cold and not very warm. The winter season in Russia will be similar to the Eurozima.

When will winter come?

At the beginning of this week (November 8-14), the Arctic invasion covered the Central Russian Plain (located from the Oka Valley in the north to the Donetsk ridge in the south, in the west and east it is limited by the Oksko-Don and Dnieper lowlands). Snow fell in the North-West and in Central Russia, in the capital there were also snowfalls, but small. However, it was a “ false start to winter '', according to the website of the Phobos center. & Nbsp;

The cold front went south, and a slight warming began again in the European part of the country. In Moscow, by Friday, November 12, the air will warm up to + 5 °. But on Saturday-Sunday it will become sharply colder again, the temperature will not exceed & minus; 1 °. This period of negative temperatures will not last long & mdash; only 3 days, after which warmth will come to the capital again.

This unstable nature of the weather will remain at least until the beginning of the third decade of November, predicts in Phobos. Therefore, the beginning of the meteorological winter in Moscow can be expected no earlier than November 25-30, and probably even in December.

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