Did Kalashnikov steal the idea of ​​a machine gun from Schmeisser?

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They say that the Kalashnikov assault rifle is not a purely Soviet development, but a “clone”; German assault rifle StG 44 designed by Schmeisser. Is this so?

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& ndash; In 1943, the Red Army inherited the ancestor of the StG 44 Sturmgever, which was called Mkb 42, & ndash; narrated by weapons historian Maxim & shy; Popenker . & ndash; The main feature of this machine was the intermediate cartridge & ndash; more powerful than a pistol, but weaker than a rifle. In the USSR, the sample was studied and it was decided that we also needed something the same, only better. At the same time, the intermediate cartridge and the weapon for it were not invented by itself. Both appeared in the USA and France at the end of the First World War. The Soviet intermediate cartridge and a set of weapons for it began to be created when Hugo Schmeisser was still working on his “ Assault '' shy; gever. If you look closely, the outside of the AK-47 and the StG 44 are quite different. Not to mention the internal structure. Schmeisser also did not participate in the creation of the AK, although from 1946 to 1952 he worked in Izhevsk.

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