Volodin harshly scolded Siluanov at a meeting of the State Duma

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin chastised Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at a State Duma meeting dedicated to curbing metal prices. An emotional dialogue was captured on video.

Volodin asked the head of the Ministry of Finance and Chairman of the Committee on Budget and Taxes Andrei Makarov how the adoption of the law on excise taxes on types of steel would contribute to stabilization. He suggested that the adoption of the norm could lead to further enrichment for some manufacturers.

“Others will pay even more for metal. Enterprises that work on raw materials will benefit from the fact that those who work by melting metal will leave the market, ”the chairman of the State Duma emphasized.

Volodin demanded to explain how the industry would be protected. In addition, he asked whether people would suffer as a result.

“The President set a task. Reducing metal prices – are we reaching? No. Taxes that are introduced – do they solve the problem? No. What if there will be a rise in prices? ” – asked the speaker.

Makarov expressed confidence that the new law does not carry risks for the rise in metal prices. He noted that the problems voiced by Volodin must be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Anton Siluanov, in turn, explained that the purpose of the bill is to withdraw excess profits from manufacturers and transfer funds to the budget. They will be directed to social needs.

“That is, our social programs, which we envisage in the three-year budget, they will be financed, including through this additional income,” said the head of the Ministry of Finance.

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event_note November 11, 2021

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