Klitschko and Ukrainian Prime Minister argued about rolling blackouts

The likelihood of rolling blackouts in Ukraine is extremely high, Klitschko said. Shmygal disagreed with him and accused the mayor of disinformation. According to him, the country will have enough both coal and gas

Denis Shmygal

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal and the Mayor of Kiev Vitaliy Klitschko did not agree, there were grounds for rolling blackouts in the country.

The probability of rolling blackouts is extremely high, Klitschko said. “Experts say that if the frost lasts for several weeks and is minus 15 [degrees], then the risk of rolling blackouts, which has not happened for 20 years, is very high”, & mdash; he said.

The mayor noted that at 12 enterprises that generate heat and electricity, there are not enough coal reserves, and there is not enough gas in storage facilities.

Shmyhal did not agree with Klitschko and accused him of disinformation. “ Today, neither the Ministry of Energy nor Ukrenergo has found grounds; for rolling shutdowns do not have. We are not preparing for rolling blackouts, we are not making such plans '', & mdash; he said.

The prime minister added that the country is provided with gas and has enough coal for the heating season. “ Coal is on the move. Coal should be provided by generating companies that own coal-fired power plants. And we know and see the schedule of coal supplies to Ukraine. He travels both by sea and also by rail. Separately, there are orders from Centrenergo & mdash; it is a state-owned company that orders, there is Ukrainian production & raquo;, & mdash; noted Shmygal.

In turn, the ex-Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Yuriy Prodan called the situation with coal reserves in the country alarming, UNIAN reported. According to him, there have been no such reserves, 425 thousand tons, since the “ dashing 1990s '', when Ukraine “ was disconnected from the Russian energy system, when it had settlements on barter, and so on. ''

Deputy Energy Minister of Ukraine Maxim Nemchinov said earlier that Ukraine is in a “ state of energy war '' with Russia. According to him, Moscow is “ blocking the import of coal from Kazakhstan to Ukraine '' and is constantly decreasing the ordered gas transit capacity. Nur-Sultan, however, did not confirm the blocking, but noted that “ there are some restrictions due to the congestion of the infrastructure from the Russian side. ''

In Ukraine, there is a shortage of coal in the warehouses of thermal power plants. In addition, since November 1, Russia has stopped supplying energy brands of this fuel to Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Economic Development explained this decision by the growing domestic demand for thermal coal in the autumn-winter period. The department also noted that in November, “ taking into account the ongoing supplies of other grades of coal '' Russian companies will provide more than half of all coal supplied to Ukraine.

In addition, Kiev accused Moscow of manipulating the volume of gas supplies, including because Gazprom consistently refused to book additional transit facilities in Ukraine. The country believes that the company wanted to accelerate gas prices and accelerate the launch of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is awaiting approval from the regulators of Germany and the EU.

Gazprom in response to these accusations, it was reported that the volume of supplies was in accordance with the contracts concluded and the company “ continues to supply gas at a level close to its historically record. ''

Russian President Vladimir Putin also noted that Russia exceeded its obligations this year for gas supplies through the territory of Ukraine. For nine months of the current year Gazprom increased this pumping through the transport system of Ukraine by more than 8% '', & mdash; he said. To increase the same supplies even more, according to the president, to Gazprom economically unprofitable. The gas transportation system of Ukraine has not been repaired for a long time, and “ pumping through new systems is much cheaper, by about $ 3 billion a year to the corresponding supply volumes, '' he explained.

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