Bloomberg learned about the EU warning about the risk of “invasion” of Russia in Ukraine

The US has shared with the EU concerns about a possible Russian “invasion” of Ukraine amid reports of a troop build-up near the border. The Kremlin emphasized that Moscow did not threaten anyone and does not pose a danger to anyone

Russian military equipment during exercises in Crimea in April this year

American officials expressed concerns to their European colleagues about for the fact that Russia may consider the possibility of an “ invasion '' to Ukraine, Bloomberg reported citing sources.

According to the newspaper, Washington fears a possible “ military operation ''. The data on the basis of which such conclusions were made have not yet been transferred to the European Union. According to Bloomberg sources, the US estimate is backed by “ publicly available evidence. ''

At the same time, an interlocutor of the agency close to the Kremlin noted that Russia “ does not intend to start a war with Ukraine now, but wants to show that it is ready to use force if necessary. '' According to another unnamed Bloomberg source, a Russian offensive is “unlikely,” but it allegedly has a “plan to respond to provocations from Ukraine.”

The Washington Post reported at the end of October that Russia is building up its troops on the border with Ukraine. According to her, US and European officials recorded “ unusual movements of equipment and military personnel on the western flank of Russia. '' Following this, Politico published satellite images showing military equipment near the city of Yelnya in the Smolensk region, located near the border with Belarus, part of which, presumably, is attached to the 1st Guards Tank Army of the Russian Armed Forces.

< p> Later on 'unusual activity' Russia at the borders of Ukraine was also announced at the Pentagon. Against the backdrop of reports of a troop build-up, the head of the CIA, William Burns, visited Moscow. According to CNN sources, in meetings with senior Russian officials, he tried to warn Russia against any plans to conduct any offensive operations.

In Ukraine itself, it was initially reported that they did not see the activity of the Russian army in the immediate vicinity of the border. However, later, President of the country Volodymyr Zelensky noted that he had received relevant information from Western partners. According to him, “ psychological pressure from Russia has not been acting on Ukraine for a long time '', and the military is “ ready to repulse anyone, anytime, anywhere. ''

In the Kremlin, in turn, publications about the buildup troops near the Ukrainian border were called poor-quality stuffing. “ We are talking about the border with Ukraine, but they show the border with Belarus, '' & mdash; noted the press secretary of the president Dmitry Peskov. He added that the movement of Russian military equipment and army units across the country & mdash; exclusively a matter of Russia. According to him, the country has never threatened anyone, does not threaten and does not pose a danger to anyone.

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