Smino – Spectacular** lyrics


Spectacular** lyrics

Smino – Spectacular** lyrics

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Ah, uh
Uh (Uh, uh, uh)
Uh, ooh, Kenny
Uh, ooh, Kenny (Freshest mothafu*ka, woo)
Uh, ooh, Kenny
Woah, Kenny, yeah
Diamonds dance, spectacular (Uh)
And my new thing, boo thing, spectacular (Woo)
Shawty got the Dior, stacks is spectacular (Uh)
ni**a want beef, get smacked with the spatula (Spongebob)
b*tch, workin’ with my mom, tryna stack it up
Buy a few blocks, buy the block I’m from (Leggo)
Lookin’ like you wanna say sum’ (Hey-ho)

Sippin’ on the tequila (Pendejo)
Woah, she wanna read my stars (And I wanna see your scars)
I said por favor (She call me papa)
They don’t make this (They don’t make this)
They don’t make this hard (They don’t make this hard)
sh*t, I’m the type to pull up in a mosh-pit (Steeltoe)
Hey, they moshin’ up the mosh sh*t (Muthafu*ka)
Sorta come from my sh*t (Uh)
Uh, ooh (Yeah-yeah), baby used to blow me like a flute, ooh
Pretty Ricky, slick ’em with the moves (Yeah)

Smino – Spectacular** lyrics

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