Zelensky ended an affair with Akhmetov

Nationalists “with visas for Russians” bring down the rating of the President of Ukraine

A public petition created on the page of the official website of the President of Ukraine by nationalist Sergei Sternenko about the restriction for Russians of the right to cross the Ukrainian border scored the necessary 25 thousand signatures in a record 8 days. We found out what the consequences could be and what are the underlying reasons for such an initiative.

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The office of the President of Ukraine is now obliged to write an answer to the request of a part of the local community about the prospects of introducing a visa regime with the Russian Federation. This answer is guaranteed to be another unsubscribe & ndash; quite recently, a similar campaign by producer Igor Kondratyuk, who demanded the complete cancellation of the concert activities of the artists of the “ aggressor country '', ended in nothing. until the return of Crimea to Ukraine and the borders in the east of the country. On behalf of Zelensky, they wrote to Kondratyuk that they would comply with the existing legislation in relation to the artists & ndash; and that's it.

Russian artists and their concerts face the imposition of border restrictions for ordinary citizens as the last wall. Artists still touring Ukraine should be respected as a reliable signal of danger, as a thermometer that measures the public temperature. Recently & nbsp; Lyubov Uspenskaya toured Ukraine with songs in Russian with outrageous sold-out. And parking lots around the Sports Palace next to the NSC Olimpiyskiy were packed much tighter than during the filming of the New Year's concert of the “ presidential '' Quarter-95 Studios.

'Fight with Russia' in Kiev, of course, it feeds quite well, but this field also cannot do without tough competition. Sergey Sternenko's channel has raised its shares in the last month hunting for the “ pro-Russian '' TV channel “ OUR ''. As a result, he has more subscribers. Now & nbsp; in hot pursuit & nbsp; Sternenko took up the “ visa regime with Russia ''. Perhaps he will earn himself a visa-free trip to Spain for the New Year. & Nbsp;

In addition, the Office of the President of Ukraine and Volodymyr Zelensky himself are now a convenient and attractive target for representatives of all political groups. Zelensky's number of supporters is falling, but the situation with the Verkhovna Rada, the government and the Servant of the People party is very bad. A sociological survey of the Rating group conducted in the first weeks of November recorded the presence of 58% of Ukrainian citizens who are already in favor of the re-election of the Verkhovna Rada, a record 83% of voters are dissatisfied with its activities. Not an honorable second place in this sad rating is taken by the Cabinet of Ministers – 80% are unhappy with it.

Vladimir Zelensky ended his “ romance '' about a month ago with the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. The TV channels of the richest Ukrainian immediately began to notice the offshore companies of the President of Ukraine, but most importantly, they tell the population about the problems in the energy sector. Ukraine is promised rolling blackouts in February-March, which are traditionally the coldest months. It turns out that state-owned thermal power plants did not purchase thermal coal for the future, and the state-owned Naftogaz not a gas supply, the funds were mainly spent on the president's personal program “ Great Construction ''. When it was suddenly discovered that there were no coal reserves in the country, it turned out that there was no place to buy it, and ndash; all volumes have already been contracted for the thermal generation of the private company of Rinat Akhmetov. & nbsp;

In fact, now the Ukrainian hunting season for the weakening and incompetent government has opened. A small episode with a petition on the introduction of a ban on the entry of Russians into Ukraine, or at least the introduction of a visa regime with Russia & mdash; & nbsp; this is a very small part of a large attack on Zelensky's lingering rating.

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