Germany transferred troops to the Belarusian border, as in 1941

Photos of armored vehicles hit the Web

Berlin decided to support Poland amid the worsening migration crisis. Large formations of the Bundeswehr were spotted a few kilometers from the border with Belarus. A train with tanks, large-caliber artillery and other equipment was captured on video while moving eastward. Earlier it became known about the plans of the Polish command to create a series of new military bases on the Belarusian border. What are the German troops preparing, MK asked the expert.


The situation on the border between Poland and Belarus remains tense. Thousands of migrants from the Middle East are trying to break into the territory of the European Union. The governments of Poland and Germany accuse official Minsk of trying to destabilize the situation in the region, using the migration crisis as a way of political pressure.

Berlin promised to support Polish partners who faced “pressure from the Belarusian authorities”. On Friday, November 12, large units of the German armed forces were spotted in Poland. Military equipment, loaded onto the train, “lit up” at a station near the Polish city of Olsztyn, 60 km from Belarus. As part of the convoy, experts identified the PzH 2000 self-propelled artillery unit, Fuchs armored personnel carriers and a large number of auxiliary military equipment: tractors, loading vehicles, etc.

According to one version, German troops arrive to reinforce the Polish contingent on the border with Belarus. As previously reported by “MK”, ​​Warsaw is concerned about the creation of a network of military bases on the eastern borders of the country. Officially, they are created in order to prevent “the spread of Russian hybrid aggression into the territory of the European Union.” According to other estimates, the Polish authorities are seriously considering the possibility of occupying part of the Belarusian territory.

Military expert Alexander Mikhailovsky told MK that Germany is sending troops to Eastern Europe as part of NATO's global strategy against Russia.

– I would assume that they are going to the NATO Iron Wolf exercises, which will be held in Latvia. It is another matter that the exercises themselves are essentially anti-Russian, like all NATO activities in eastern Europe and the Baltic states. And more recently, they are considering actions against Belarus. Regular sorties of reconnaissance aircraft, the transfer of troops, the constant buildup of the contingent – all this is part of the big plan. But there are nuances here. For example, the technique shown in the photo is clearly not defensive.

– There is such an option. True, one would expect the dispatch of police forces, border guards, equipment to disperse the riots. The European Union practiced this when there was an aggravation on the border of Greece and Turkey. Austria, Bulgaria and several other countries then sent their contingents. On the other hand, Germany is reluctant to acquire the reputation of a country that crushes defenseless migrants. Therefore, they can use the troops to demonstrate their determination to Lukashenka. Like, we see the whole situation and are ready to support the allies.

The illegal immigrants who broke through to Poland were filmed: they broke the Belarusian fence

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