The founder of the “Russian LGBT Network” was included in the list of foreign media agents

This week an organization was recognized as a foreign agent, one of the founders of which is Igor Kochetkov

Igor Kochetkov

The Ministry of Justice included Igor Kochetkov in the list of foreign media agents & mdash; activist, founder of the Russian LGBT Network (the organization was entered into the register of foreign agents on November 8), according to the website of the Ministry of Justice.

“ The fact that I am now a media outlet is, of course, very nice. I am not at all surprised, because over the past couple of days, pro-government Telegram channels have written a lot about me, and there have been reports on federal and regional television, and the “ Russian LGBT Network '' recognized as a foreign agent & raquo;, & mdash; said RBC Kochetkov.

Kochetkov is the director of the Sphere charity foundation and one of the founders of the Russian LGBT Network, which on November 8 was entered into the register of unregistered public associations performing the function of foreign agents.

In addition, Kochetkov often published in various publications. In particular, he was one of the authors of the portal GayRussia.

In 2012, Kochetkov ran for the post of Ombudsman in St. Petersburg.

Law about the media & mdash; foreign agents were signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in December 2019. In accordance with it, the Russian media, which receive foreign funding, must label materials, and foreign media – & mdash; create a legal entity in Russia. In the absence of marking, they face a fine. At the end of 2020, Putin signed a law allowing individuals to be entered into the register. Subscribe to OK RBC Receive news faster than anyone


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