Lil Yachty – YAE ENERGY lyrics

Lil Yachty


Lil Yachty – YAE ENERGY lyrics

Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm (Whew)
Yeah, look
(Buddah blessed this beat)
Psychin’ out, mm, bro pull a pistol on anyone
Hopped out the car with a big SK
Grip it under my arm like a minigun
ni**a think he can take any of my hoes
Sit back and watch him receive a Cinnabon
Run out and hop in some foreigns
Some hoes and my momma, the ratio ten to one
All of my exes look at me like, God, I turned a façade
Buy her a car but it’s still in my name
If that b*tch tryna leave, take it back like Rashad
Six-hundred thousand, I stuffed in the park
Ten different b*tches, we made ’em hoes mosh
Maison Margiela soap when I wash
Give me that mouth, your body is botched
Two different girls, I had bought for the fu*k b*tch
Makin’ so much guap, I don’t know what to do with this sh*t
But I promise I’m lovin’ it

b*tch is a burden, my momma, I’m dubbin’ it
Double dishin’ on the rims, I’m thuggin’ it
Ballin’ but my ex tryna X somethin’ out
ni**as want smoke, tryna see what I’m ’bout
I want that b*tch tryna live in her mouth, ha-ha
ni**as is not rich, on my momma, ni**as cold, b*tch
ni**as’ll fold quick, look in his eyes, he sure a snitch
Uppin’ that fire on his ass, bet he change, b*tch
Left my hot-head brother home, he too dangerous
Oh, sh*t, rocky road, he not tough, he told
One-fifty my shows
Pull up with three model b*tches, Coca Cola nose
Kamikaze middle of the party, my nose feel extra snotty
Might deposit Mona Lisa profit, can’t fit in no one’s wallet
Hoes watchin’, fu*k her on the balcony where MLK died
My wrist tied up, watch worth a life
Trade it for a soul, red beam on top with the pole
Accuracy on Norris Cole, hmm

Lil Yachty – YAE ENERGY lyrics

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