Families of US military personnel did not even have enough money for food

The political scientist compared the American army with the Russian one in the 90s

There are 160 thousand servicemen in the US, as well as their families, are not provided with decent wages, there is not enough money even for food. The American news agency Associated Press recently wrote about this.

“ According to Feed America, nearly 30 % of the military personnel, mostly junior officers, are forced to rely on the help of food banks, which provide food for low-income citizens, “the American edition reported.

A former Black Hawk pilot named Tammy Duckworth, who lost both legs in Iraq after a helicopter crash, told the news agency about the problem many members of the US Army are facing. “This is one of those things that American citizens don't even know exists,” he said. “We may have the most advanced weapons, but if a soldier has a wife or children, they have to find money for food themselves. How can a soldier defend his country if the whole head of this person is occupied with a single thought: could his children eat today or not? ”.

Several Twitter users talked about how they faced this problem. Anna-Maria, wife and mother of two, published the following message: “When my husband served in the military, I held the position of ombudsman for human rights. Because of this, I had to look with pain in my heart every time at the families of American servicemen who lived from hand to mouth and barely made ends meet, '' Anna Maria described her feelings. “They were saved from starvation by government-issued food stamps, a special nutrition program for women, mothers and babies in the United States (WIC) and food banks. That is why I despise our politicians when they talk about how much they love the US army, while voting to reduce the salaries of military personnel and abolish benefits! ”.

American citizen Fran Edwards admitted: “23 years ago, when my husband was training in the US Army, we constantly had problems with food: sometimes there was simply nothing to buy food. This went on for two whole years, until he (husband. – “MK”) was taken to the school of candidates for officers of the US Army (OCS). This is a very long-standing problem for our army. ”

A user with the nickname Jewels explained one of the reasons that the US military is on a“ starvation diet ”:“ When I volunteered, I had to teach economy to the military family: how to keep the budget without making pointless waste or learn how to cook at home yourself. Seriously, many did not even understand why they even need to do this, if you can always buy fast food at the nearest diner or order pizza delivery. Naturally, such a way of life greatly harmed the budget of such families. ” organizations in America. An evil irony: the most powerful military forces on the planet cannot feed the families of their own soldiers. We had this only after the collapse of the state in the 1990s … “.

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