Al Jazeera: only one country is capable of repelling Russia

Arab channel admired the UK's resolve

UK Defense Secretary Nick Carter's statement on the possibility of 'accidental' The war with Russia has caused a stir in the ruling circles of Europe, according to the channel Al Jazeera. The warning is in tune with the concerns voiced by British intelligence officials MI6. “Thus, today only Great Britain can fight back Russia,” the channel emphasizes.

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In addition, the British media recently announced London's readiness to send 600 military specialists to Ukraine. Some experts argue that the risks of war are now higher than ever before, while others believe that there will be no war. Thus, the leader of the anti-war movement “ Stop the War '' Chris Boyle noted that Russia has experience of military interventions in Ukraine and other countries. Therefore, any movement towards Ukraine can be interpreted as a pretext for war.

Professor Taher Abbas from the Institute for Security and Global Relations (ISGA) believes that Carter made his statement exclusively for the press and political circles, and about the real military confrontation is out of the question. Abass only agrees with Boyle that the crisis in relations between Russia and the West is very difficult and cannot be resolved quickly.


event_note November 18, 2021

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