Bulgarians ridiculed Germany’s decision on Nord Stream 2: “Shot in the leg”

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Readers of the Bulgarian newspaper Dnes.dir criticized Germany's decision to suspend the Nord Stream 2 certification process.

According to one user, “European idiots have shot themselves in the leg again.” In his opinion, until March 2021, “only an additional markup” from the exchange will cover all Gazprom's expenses for the construction of the gas pipeline.

Another user noted that “this only shows how weak Germany and the EU are.” As it turned out, by this decision they harm their own citizens, “just to please the Americans.”

A third reader joked, noting that Germany “scores its own goals one after another.” In particular, we are talking about the third energy package, and now about the license. At the same time, spot prices are growing.

Another Bulgarian user pointed out that the Russians are now waiting for a very happy New Year. Now electricity in Russia is six times cheaper than in Bulgaria, and gasoline is two times cheaper. Gas is ten times cheaper. Moreover, the state makes additional payments.

Prior to this, the German regulator did not confirm the launch of the gas pipeline in March 2021. Currently, the certification procedure has been suspended. The Russian side was demanded to establish a subsidiary of the Swiss operator of the Nord Stream 2 AG project, transferring all ownership rights in Germany to it.

Meanwhile, the deputy of the Bundestag of the Alternative for Germany party Steffen Kotre said that the launch of Nord Stream is 2 “possible in April-May 2022.

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