To protect against drones, they decided to use new technical means

Smoke screens, reflectors, inflatable tanks

In the leading armies of the world, in recent years, more and more attention is paid to means of camouflage. One of the reasons is the active development of reconnaissance and strike drones. According to experts, it was the underestimation of camouflage that became one of the reasons for Armenia's defeat in the second Karabakh war in the fall of 2929. Modern means of camouflaging troops and equipment are described in the publication “New Defense Order. Strategies “.


As noted in the publication, one of the main methods of protection against drones was the setting of smoke screens. An aerosol curtain delivered in time not only protects against optoelectronic systems of drones, as noted in the article by expert Yuri Lyamin, but also interferes with the guidance of high-precision weapons. It is argued that aerosol curtains can weaken the effectiveness of means of destruction of drones if, when setting up protection, a composition effective in the infrared range is used.

The use of combined aerosol-dipole interference can weaken the effectiveness of high-precision weapons with radar guidance. Dipole reflectors made of foil or metallized paper, scattered in the air at certain altitudes, “blind” enemy radars.

Smoke projectiles, mines, grenades and bombs are used to set up smoke screens. In addition, specialized smoke machines have been created to protect large objects, for example, nuclear power plants. The crew consists of only two people. In special cases, smoke machines can be controlled remotely.

In addition to smoke, they use protection kits made of special absorbing materials for camouflage, which help to hide equipment from infrared and radar detection systems. Some protection kits for armored vehicles reduce the chance of detection by day and night devices by 70%.

Engineers are developing new concepts for creating decoys – wooden or inflatable models of tanks, anti-aircraft missile systems, fighters and even stones to hide real equipment behind them. With the proper placement of mock-ups in the neighborhood, for example, with real anti-aircraft missile systems and electronic suppression means, the enemy will not only waste high-precision ammunition, but will also receive a guaranteed retaliatory strike.

Unfortunately, not all camouflage technologies are perfect. For example, smoke screens are short-lived and highly dependent on meteorological conditions and topography. Rain or wind can quickly disperse smoke. Of course, an aerosol curtain can outsmart cheap drones, but the American RQ-4 “Global Hawk” drones are equipped with high-quality optoelectronic and radar systems. With their help, “Global Hawk” is able to detect targets day and night in adverse weather conditions.

The only drawback of such drones is that they are incredibly expensive to manufacture – about $ 123 million per device! Most drones have relatively simple detection systems, so camouflage never loses its value.


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