No worse than Trump: Americans talked about their attitude towards Biden

“Sleepy Joe” is not running for a second term

US President Joe Biden celebrated his 79th birthday on Saturday. The oldest American leader, he is also experiencing a significant drop in ratings. We spoke with ordinary people in the United States, asking them to rate the pros and cons of the presidency of “Sleepy Joe,” as his predecessor Donald Trump called him.

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“He’s objectively old”

Klaus Stubbert, IT specialist from Austin , Texas (no party affiliation):

FOR: & laquo; Biden is a good man & mdash; he was not afraid to take power in times like these, you know what I'm talking about. It is clear that he will not be president again. But now such a president is better than the one who says there is no epidemic.

AGAINST: “He has no concrete ideas for the development of the country. Feeling like he just wanted to outplay Trump and perhaps didn't believe it himself. ''


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