Polish prime minister threatened to completely close border with Belarus

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, during a meeting with his Estonian counterpart Kaya Kallas, which took place in Tallinn, announced his intentions to completely close the border with Belarus amid the migration crisis. This is reported by Polish Radio.

“ We are ready to close other border crossing points, as well as transit and trade opportunities, to put economic pressure on the regime of [President of Belarus Alexander] Lukashenko, '' & mdash; said Morawiecki.

He recalled that so far Poland has decided to close only one checkpoint on the border with Belarus. We are talking about the checkpoint “ Kuznitsa '' (“ Bruzgi '' from the Belarusian side), which will close on November 21. It was here in early November that a camp was set up for migrants who tried to enter the territory of the European Union.

The head of the Polish government said that Warsaw has “ extremely acute '' footage of Belarusian security forces instructing Middle Eastern migrants on how to attack Polish officers with a knife. According to Moravetsky, these recordings can only mean that the scenarios from the Belarusian side can be very radical. “ The actions of the Belarusian special services and officials may lead to a serious aggravation [of the situation]. & lt; … & gt; That is why we, for our part, are also ready to use this escalation ladder, that is, to close border crossings '', & mdash; he added.

When asked how he assesses the support from the EU, NATO and other allies regarding the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border, Morawiecki said: “ The reaction of the EU and our American and NATO allies good. '' “ They demonstrate an excellent understanding of what is happening in our country on the eastern border, '' & mdash; added the prime minister.

He thanked the Western allies for this approach, because, in his words, “it wasn’t always like this in the past.” “ I think this is a sign of a sober view of the situation, '' & mdash; noted Moravetsky, adding that the refugee situation can be characterized as a “ multithreaded, multiple threat to the normal functioning of the EU. ''

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