Gunzburg estimated the timing of the invention of a “long-term” vaccine against coronavirus

Plot of a novel coronavirus pandemic that spread from China

'Sputnik V validity period' against those strains, the Wuhan and subsequent variants, we very much hoped that there would be more than one year, and maybe not two years. And much longer. Because memory cells seem to persist for a very long time. But the strain has changed so that it has escaped the attack, which can be organized by antibodies that are synthesized by memory cells. Therefore, this vaccine now has to be administered every six months '', & mdash; he explained.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation & nbsp; updated & nbsp; recommendations for the use of the drug Sputnik Light. It is specified that the vaccine should be used six months after the illness, or for revaccination after the same period of time.


event_note November 22, 2021

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