Secret materials. US Department of Defense will continue to track UFOs

The Pentagon has reorganized the working group on & nbsp; tracking unidentified flying objects. Thus, in the & nbsp; structure of the US Department of Defense, a new unit will appear, which will be called the Group for & nbsp; Identification and & nbsp; Approach Synchronization to & nbsp; Air Objects. In & nbsp; his tasks will include the recognition of all the strange flying vehicles, & nbsp; most likely, and & nbsp; those on which potential aliens arrive.

USA and & nbsp; aliens & nbsp; & mdash; with this phrase, the famous TV series “ The X-Files '' immediately comes to & nbsp; mind & nbsp; However, the new subdivision will surely be staffed much better than & nbsp; & mdash; two charismatic agents will not be enough. The & nbsp; military department reports that they take very seriously reports of & nbsp; intrusions of airborne objects, identified and & nbsp; unidentified, and & nbsp; are investigating each of & nbsp; & nbsp;

Until & nbsp; until now, the group on & nbsp; unidentified flying objects was included in & nbsp; & nbsp; the composition of the US Navy. Now & nbsp; same it will become an independent unit. What caused such a revival on the & nbsp; UFO theme? & Nbsp;

In & nbsp; June, US National Intelligence presented a report in which it stated that unidentified flying objects could pose a threat to flight safety and & nbsp; to the national security of the States as a whole. The & nbsp; document referred to & nbsp; 144 cases of alleged UFO sightings that were & nbsp; not properly explained.

It is noted that some objects “ apparently moved contrary to the known laws of aerodynamics. '' We & nbsp; in & nbsp; in turn, we note that the phrase is not & nbsp; understandable & nbsp; & mdash; whether the laws of physics were violated or whether the objects were just noticed had a non-ballistic trajectory of motion (when the thrown body falls on the & nbsp; earth, obeying the laws of gravity).

However, the Pentagon did not & nbsp; identify these objects as terrestrial, as it was said in & nbsp ; report.

“ The security concern in & nbsp; & nbsp; lies in & nbsp; the fact that pilots are dealing with & nbsp; increasingly congested airspace. ” Also, unidentified aerial phenomena can pose a challenge if they are a means of collecting information from the & nbsp; side of opponents, or & nbsp; if there is evidence that the enemy has potentially developed a breakthrough or revolutionary technology. & Nbsp;

If ordinary military specialists cannot find a scientific explanation for these phenomena, perhaps a new unit will find them. It will be called the “ Group on & nbsp; identification and & nbsp; approach synchronization to & nbsp; aerial objects ''. According to the US Department of Defense, it will coordinate actions in the & nbsp; Department of Defense and & nbsp; in the & nbsp; entire US government on & nbsp; detection, identification and & nbsp; attribution of objects of interest in & nbsp; special airspace zones. It will also assess and & nbsp; reduce any associated threats to aviation safety and & nbsp; national security & nbsp; & mdash; apparently, both terrestrial and & nbsp; not & nbsp; terrestrial.

Thus, there is no special speech about & nbsp; aliens. But we are talking about & nbsp; increased protection of US airspace. Suppose the group will determine the characteristics of unidentified objects and & nbsp; guess what they are in & nbsp; really & nbsp; & mdash; launched by a harmless home-made drone or & nbsp; as an enemy object.

Think about who should be in the & nbsp; composition of such a group? At least physicists, bird watchers, aviators. Such a command will allow you not to & nbsp; confuse animals and & nbsp; equipment, to distinguish flying objects from each other, to build their & nbsp; layouts.

US UFOs are not & nbsp; denied, but & nbsp; hinted at & nbsp; rather to attract attention. For example, in & nbsp; May, the former director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) James Woolsey said that he was & nbsp; “ not as skeptical as he was several years ago '' about & nbsp; towards & nbsp; UFOs. Something is happening that surprises even experienced pilots, & nbsp; he added.

Technologies are not & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; and & nbsp; miracles, & nbsp; that aviation technology is capable of, sometimes are beyond & nbsp; the brink of understanding. On the basis of the information laid out, one can draw a pragmatic conclusion that, in fact, the new group will be engaged in corny tracking of new enemy technologies. However, everything is possible & nbsp; & mdash; the line between fantasy and & nbsp; reality in the & nbsp; modern world is too thin to be drawn with an indelible marker.

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