A star named Moon. In Russia, removed the “Batman mask” from a young American

In September 2019, residents of Russia learned that a girl from the United States who was born with a Batman mask would be treated in Krasnodar. This nickname was given to her because of a huge dark neoplasm on her face, shaped like the mask of a comic book hero. A young resident of the city of Miami with Brazilian roots and the beautiful name Luna was disfigured by a giant melanocytic nevus, which occurs due to a genetic abnormality of cells. Recently doctor Pavel Popov completed his removal, and the girl and her mother flew from Krasnodar to Brazil. But in the new year they will return to Krasnodar.

Russian alternative

The moon was born in the spring of 2019 and literally shocked those around her with her appearance. But for parents who are ready to love their child with any face, the worst thing turned out to be something else. The giant melanocytic nevus became a time bomb for the baby from the first days of life. Such neoplasms are very unstable and, over time, can develop into a malignant skin tumor: melanoma. In the case of the Moon, this probability was especially high. This is the main reason why it was required to remove the pathological tissue as soon as possible. In addition, the girl's parents were faced with the brutal straightforwardness of people in their supposedly totally tolerant country. At the sight of their daughter, not only children, but also many adults jumped to the sides and pointed their fingers.

“The worst situation happened in the church, & mdash; then the mother of the girl Carol Fenner told The Daily Mail reporters. & mdash; There, a little girl asked her mother about Luna's face, to which she replied: “ Oh god, don't look there, it's some kind of monster! What a horror! & Ldquo; & raquo;

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Luna with her parents in Miami before flying to Krasnodar.

And the spouses were horrified by the bleak prospect that awaited the Moon, unlike other children. Moreover, she became a very long-awaited child. The fact is that doctors practically put an end to the motherhood of Carol Fenner. Several years ago, she was diagnosed with a tumor in her liver, and doctors said that during pregnancy she would grow from hormones. But the woman nevertheless took a chance and gave birth to a girl, which was borne with great difficulty under the constant supervision of specialists. It was a real miracle that, contrary to forecasts, Carol's tumor even shrank on its own. Luna's mother, who emigrated from Brazil, also hoped for the miracles of American medicine, which would help rid her daughter of a dangerous nevus. But local doctors stunned him and her husband.

“ They were asked to do 80 operations in five years, & mdash; the chief physician of the Krasnodar clinic of laser and photodynamic therapy, laser surgeon-oncologist Pavel Popov told reporters. & mdash; They were supposed to start when the girl grew up, plus they were planned to be carried out in various medical institutions in America. And for all this it was necessary to pay a crazy amount. Doctors deliberately proposed a treatment regimen that does not fit into any framework of American medical insurance. They were uncomfortable just saying, “We can't operate on your girl, we can't do everything the way you want.” They answered in such a way that the question would go away by itself. It was a polite refusal. ''

Pavel Popov, who learned about the Moon from the media, offered a treatment that was much more sparing both for the girl's health and for the wallet of her very poor parents. At first, the couple were skeptical about the offer of help from Krasnodar, which was sent to them via the Internet. The cold answer came back, dictated by the stereotype. They say, what can some Russian doctors do in general in comparison with the “ advanced '' ones? Americans? But the photos and videos sent to the United States with the results of the work of the Kuban doctors, decorated in the style of “ before and after '', turned out to be more eloquent than any words. In a matter of weeks, Carol and the Moon were already flying across the ocean to an incredibly distant city for them.

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Carol's video showing the dynamics of the treatment of the Moon in Krasnodar for 2 years.

Chronicle of the Moon

Mom and daughter landed in Krasnodar on the evening of September 25 and immediately fell under the sights of journalists' cameras. Despite being very tired from the long flight, Carol Fenner was friendly and very frank.

“ Before this trip, everyone stopped me and called me crazy, & mdash; the woman honestly confessed. & mdash; They told me, they say, why try to treat my daughter so far away, where everything is different. But I still decided to come, because the Krasnodar doctor is one of the best. Based on what I've seen with him and the doctors in the US, the results will be better here. ''

But the fruits of a difficult decision exceeded all her expectations. First, she became convinced of the advantages of the method of the Kuban doctor. In the United States, the Moon would have had to wear huge silicone expanders under the skin for more than one year to stretch it for subsequent transplants. It would require operations with a scalpel under harmful general anesthesia with a long recovery in the hospital. And the laser treatment from Pavel Popov does not require any of this. Immediately after each operation, Luna returned with her mother to a rented apartment in Krasnodar and felt good. Carol shared the results of each stage of treatment on Instagram and many times emphasized her decision to come to Russia. She even called him “the best of her life.” By the way, she went to social networks for nothing to do.

Doctor Pavel Popov shows a photo of another girl from the United States after 4 years of treatment for a nevus using the classical method. Photo: AiF/Alexander Vlasenko

“ I started an Instagram account for my daughter, & mdash; admitted Carol in Krasnodar. & mdash; When she grows up, she will be able to read what people said about her, how worried. She will see the operation and its first results. ”

She also collected money for treatment through social networks. When the tide of donations subsided, Carol began selling souvenirs with the image of her daughter. But all the same, she would hardly have collected the entire amount. Fortunately, the clinic did not demand to pay everything at once. And then something happened that the woman again, not without reason, called it a miracle.

At the end of 2019, a Russian businessman, who wished to remain anonymous, transferred to the clinic most of the total cost of the Moon's treatment: $ 60,000. This amount was not enough for the family. Naturally, Carol was amazed.

Luna with her mother Carol after the first stage of treatment in Russia. Photo: AiF/Alexander Vlasenko

“ We have no words to describe our feelings, & mdash; she then wrote on Instagram. & mdash; We want to thank everyone who helped us with something, prayed for us, and especially our Russian Santa Claus. He removed fear from our hearts. Our daughter is very lucky! Today we affirm with complete confidence that God loves us and that Santa Claus exists! ''

In Russia, Luna celebrated her first birthday, took her first steps and spoke her first words. And here, for the first time, she was able to stay close to her grandmother, who lives in Brazil, for a long time. At the beginning of 2020, Carol invited her mother to Russia during the next course of treatment, so that she would help her take care of the Moon. It was very difficult for her alone to do this. But when mom arrived, not everything went according to plan.

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Luna during the final phase of removing the Batman mask.

Luna does not say goodbye

Luna's grandmother got to the Kuban on an adventure. At first, she got lost at the Moscow airport, and then lost her way in Krasnodar, where she flew in late at night with a four-hour delay. The woman, who spoke only Portuguese, had to talk to the police officers who helped her. Another adventure for her with her daughter and granddaughter was a pandemic. Due to the closed borders, the relatives stayed together in the Kuban for about six months instead of several months. But this made it possible to speed up the treatment of the moon. And the family got to know Krasnodar a little better.

The residents of the city often met them in a beautiful new park created by the businessman Sergey Galitsky . This happened more often during the warmer months, since the natives of Brazil are very sensitive to the cold. But in any weather they were greeted with warm greetings by the locals,

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The moon is resting in the foothills of the Caucasus after the removal of the nevus is completed.

“ In the States, everyone told me that the Russians & mdash; people are cold, like the weather here, & mdash; admitted by Carol Fenner. & mdash; But I was surprised at how kind everyone here was to us. On the streets they stop us, greet us, say: & bdquo; God bless you, let everything be fine & ldquo;. The weather is really cold here, but not as cold as I expected. ''

They have received gifts from people who follow the fate of the moon more than once. Someone sent souvenirs, and a little more than a month ago, Carol showed on Instagram their country vacation in the foothills of the Kuban region. In her post, she wrote that this is also a gift made by the owners of the local eco-farm. Interestingly, the woman named this place with the word “ hacienda, '' which entered our vocabulary from Brazilian TV series. Tired of the four walls, Luna was delightedly lying in the fallen leaves with another young patient from the United States with a nevus on her face. Parents brought Demi Nguyen from Texas to Kuban when they learned about the moon. As a result, they were relieved of the 'masks' almost simultaneously.

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A selection of footage of the Moon's rest in Brazil this winter.

“We have now fully completed the stage of removing the nevus from the Moon, & mdash; tells Andrey Aleksutkin, executive director of the Krasnodar clinic . & mdash; In total, six large-scale operations were carried out. But at the beginning of the new year, the Moon will come to us to undergo cosmetic procedures, after which the treatment will be completely completed. How long it will take, I cannot say. It all depends on what will be the reaction to the procedures, how everything will heal. As for Demi, she only needs to come to us once, also for cosmetic procedures. ''

Luna and her mother moved from Krasnodar to the Brazilian city of Florianopolis, which took them 37 hours to reach. Their relatives live there, some of them have never seen the girl live. She herself also came to her historical homeland for the first time, where she will celebrate the New Year. Carol has already published footage of a joyful meeting at the airport, their joint vacation with relatives, and also posted a video of her interview about her daughter's treatment in Russia. In Brazil, the moon has also become a real star.

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