The British General Staff announced plans for hypersonic weapons because of Russia

British Chief of Staff: London is considering the possibility of creating hypersonic weapons The Chief of the General Staff said that his country does not have hypersonic weapons, but it must be in order to counter Russia. He also said that he presented the government with options for a response to a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine

British General Staff Chief Tony Radakin said that his country is considering plans to create hypersonic weapons to counter Russia's growing power. He said this in an interview with The Times.

“We don’t have them, but we must have them.” & Mdash; said Radakin, referring to hypersonic missiles.

The Chief of Staff also reported “ deep concern '' because of the situation with Ukraine. According to him, he presented the Cabinet of Ministers with “ military options '' reactions to a possible Russian invasion, but did not specify what they were.

Radakin also said that over the past 20 years, Russia has shown a “ phenomenal '' raising the 'underwater' activity with regard to underwater vehicles and submarines. According to him, we are also talking about the fact that Russia is potentially trying to use the information network, consisting of cables laid along the seabed. When asked if damage to such a cable would be considered an act of war, Radakin replied: “ Potentially, yes. ''

The Times explains that such cables provide data transmission, and most of those serving Britain are located in the Atlantic Ocean, where Russian submarines, according to the publication, are increasingly operating and more often.

Sources of The Times in the British Navy note that damage to such a cable can have serious consequences for the country's economy, in particular, disrupt telephone communications and trading in securities.

Britain has repeatedly called Russia is a threat to its own security, as well as to the global one. For example, Radakin's predecessor, Nicholas Carter (Radakin has been in office since November), declared that Russia was a “ critical threat. '' for Britain in a multipolar world. He also mentioned Russian developments of underwater vehicles and believed that London should pursue a course to contain Russia.

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