Ambassador said there is no external interference in the affairs of Kazakhstan

The Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Moscow said that there was no interference in the internal affairs of the country

There are no facts of external interference in the affairs of Kazakhstan at the state level. About this on the air of the Youtube channel “ Soloviev Live '' said the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Moscow, Ermek Kosherbayev.

“At the diplomatic level, I cannot say that there is a clear interference, as such it does not exist”, & mdash; he said, answering the relevant question.

According to him, if there is some kind of interference in the situation in Kazakhstan, it is “ only at the ideological level. '' “ Or maybe someone is trying to [interfere] through all kinds of centers. That is, officially at the state level, nothing like this happens, moreover, there is an understanding of the process that is happening in Kazakhstan, '', & mdash; noted the ambassador.

At the same time, Kosherbayev noted that it is difficult to regulate what is happening on social networks. Saying let's stop very difficult. People express their opinion, everyone has their own position on this issue '', & mdash; the diplomat considers.

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