“State within a State”. Single Father Cannot Get Legal Home

The single father of two sons from the South Ural Kusa Alexander Galkin has been fighting for the right to live in legally guaranteed housing for more than ten years. A man applies to our editorial office in exceptional cases. And now he is like that again.

'The most honest dad'

Several years ago we talked about a resident of Kusa, Alexander Galkin. Then the man received a transfer of 40 thousand rubles to his card in the bank.

Alexander took the amount of 40 thousand rubles that fell on the card as alimony collected from the mother of both sons. The woman left her family long ago and does not take part in raising children. Then she was a debtor in alimony. Alexander turned to the bank, but they found it difficult to explain where the money came from. Alexander spent them on necessities for two children, first of all & mdash; on warm clothes, food and stationery.

And then it turned out that the money was credited by mistake, and Alexander immediately agreed to return it. Although it was a mistake of the financial institution, the man said that he did not need someone else. Then he pulled his two sons, 13 and 14 years old, for 3 thousand a month for several months: he gave the rest of the funds to the bank, because he spent the money that fell on the card by mistake.

We talked about Galkin & mdash; and transfers from all over the world flew to his account. Alexander called and thanked him: he could even buy a computer for his sons. The youngest, also Sasha, one of the whole class lived without gadgets. Alexander was called the “ most honest dad '' by the media. And caring Russians helped the man to feed his children and not become discouraged.

Alexander has been raising his sons all his life. Photo: From the personal archive

On New Year's Day, 2021

Last year, Galkin got into trouble again. The eldest son, a disabled childhood Vadim, turned 18. Due to the need to redo the documents for receiving a disability pension, the family was left without a livelihood for several months. We turned to the Ministry of Social Relations of the region, and the Galkins' problem was resolved as quickly as possible. And our readers again rushed to the aid of the heroic father. He received hundreds of kind words. Alexander thanked our publishing house and the most responsive readers for their help. “ Until now, many people call, write, I have mastered little by little modern instant messengers and communicate with people, & mdash; says Galkin. & mdash; Of course, Vadimkin's pension is too small for three, and I can't even get a job officially, because the housing subsidy will be removed right away. Sanya, the youngest son, he is 18, studies in Zlatoust. It’s not up to him yet. ”

It seems that life in the family has more or less improved. Sasha is in college, his father has a little and unofficially kalym, Vadim's health is stable. Recently, Galkin even became a member of the Let's Get Married show, albeit as a support group. The trip to Moscow impressed his son Sasha very much, before that he had never been to the capital and had never flown by plane. The father took his son to the show with him, because it is not known whether he will ever be able to visit the capital. Yes, and both need impressions, a change of scenery for at least a couple of days. Alexander Sr. sees only four walls and takes care of his helpless son around the clock. Sasha Jr. studies on weekdays, and on weekends rushes to help his father and brother.

Recently, the housing subsidy was removed from the Galkins: Alexander could not provide a certificate of the amount of alimony from his ex-wife. I called the bailiffs, fought, but it didn't work out. And in social security, the conversation is short: there are no references & mdash; no money. & nbsp;

Vadim has a separate room due to a serious illness. Photo: From the personal archive

“ Come back in a year ''

The housing issue is very acute for the Galkin family. The fact is that they live in a tiny 28m2 studio. Boys, more precisely, young adults, because their sons are already 18 and 19 years old, sleep on a bunk bed. “ They are no longer included in it, & mdash; the father laments. & mdash; And there is no place to put the bed separately, everything is back to back. '' According to the law, Vadim is given a separate room due to illness. The guardian father has been number one on the list of housing improvements for many years. But each time the answer is the same: there is no money, come back in a year. Tired of waiting for what was required by law, Alexander went to court.

“ Everything went on for a very long time with this pandemic, & mdash; says the father, & mdash; I somehow waited for the process and then for the decision. The trial is in our favor. But there’s no point. ”

According to Alexander, he turned to the administration of the Kusinsky urban settlement, where he heard the same phrase:“ Come back in a year, there’s no money. ”

There is no money for new housing. Photo: Screenshot

“ This is some kind of state within a state, & mdash; the man reflects. & mdash; Why, then, does the court recognize the authorities' inaction and the need to allocate a two-room apartment to us under a social lease agreement, if the court's decision is still not enforced? ''

We sent a request to the municipality with a request to comment on the situation and tell when the Galkins will be allocated the housing required by law. The head of the Kusinsky urban district, Aleksey Chistyakov, said that in 2010 the Galkin family was recognized as in need of better housing conditions and was relocated from a dilapidated emergency house to a comfortable one. And in 2017, they were transferred to a preferential queue: “ The allocation of housing subsidies to families with disabled children registered after 2005 is carried out at the expense of the local budget. In the housing stock of the Kusinsky urban settlement there are no living quarters to provide citizens in need with severe forms of chronic diseases in accordance with sanitary and technical standards. ''

However, the head assured that “ from the balance of funds on the account through a decision The Council of Deputies plans to amend the budget and increase the limits under the article & bdquo; Social Policy & ldquo; for the purchase of housing for the family of A. B. Galkin '

We hope that the New Year's miracle will happen for the third time and Alexander and his sons will finally receive a spacious apartment. And you can help the family by calling + 79080804873. & nbsp;

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