Maduro proposed to organize an alternative to the summit of the Americas

The United States this year decided not to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to the Summit of the Americas. In response, Maduro called for organizing an alternative to the summit and inviting the President of the United States to it alt=”Maduro proposed to organize an alternative to the summit of the Americas” />

The authorities of the American continent need to hold a “real summit of the Americas”, where all the countries of the region, including the United States, will gather. This was stated by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, reports Notitarde.

“I'm not going to the summit because not all the countries of America are invited, and I believe in the need to change the centuries-old policy of exclusion, the desire to dominate for no reason, disrespect for the sovereignty of countries, the independence of each country,” & mdash; he said.

Maduro accused Washington of “genocide” policy; and offered to organize a “real summit of the Americas”, where US President Joe Biden would be invited “to learn about the dignity and history of our people.”

Summit of the Americas organized under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS) meeting of the heads of state and government of America. Its goal is to form a common strategy in solving the problems facing the countries of the region. It was first held in 1994 in Miami, until today it was the only meeting that took place on the territory of the United States. Country— the summit host decides who to invite.

The Summit of the Americas, which this year will take place on June 6-10 in Los Angeles, will be held without representatives of the authorities of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. According to Bloomberg interlocutors, the administration of US President Joe Biden made a final decision not to invite these three countries to the summit after several weeks of discussions with the states of Latin America and the Caribbean, including Mexico. It is based on Washington's concerns “about the lack of democracy and the lack of respect for human rights.” in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador has repeatedly called for the event to be attended by all the countries of the region, saying that otherwise he himself will ignore the summit. Presidents of Cuba, Nicaragua and Guatemala, Miguel Diaz-Canel, Daniel Ortega and Alejandro Giammattei, respectively, have previously spoken with similar positions.

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