Peskov called the data on the refusal to discuss Kherson and Zaporozhye incorrect

Izvestia wrote that in the event of resumption of negotiations with Kyiv, Moscow would not discuss the status of Kherson and Zaporizhzhya. Peskov said that “everything is wrong”


Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called incorrect information the message that the Russian side will not discuss the status of Kherson and Zaporozhye regions with Ukraine, RBC correspondent reports.

“No, it's not like that,”— said Peskov.

Previously, Izvestia with reference to “a high-ranking source in Russia”; reported that the negotiations on the agreement between Russia and Ukraine, if they resume, will not discuss the status of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. The source noted that these regions will not be included in the discussions, since “the vast majority of the inhabitants of the region support Russia.”

A significant part of the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions is controlled by the Russian military. In a number of cities in the region there is a military commandant's office, the Russian ruble has been put into circulation.

Vladimir Saldo, head of the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region, said earlier that the region would become part of Russia. His deputy, Kirill Stremousov, did not rule out that a referendum on self-determination would be held in the region, as was the case in Crimea. A similar statement was made by Vladimir Rogov, a member of the main council of the military-civilian administration of the Zaporozhye region.

At the end of May, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree allowing residents of these regions to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. Three years ago, residents of the DPR and LPR received such a right.

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