What kind of Czech Mi-24D helicopters are sent to Ukraine?

The Czech Republic handed over to Ukraine a squadron of Mi-24 helicopters, as reported by a foreign publication. However, they were not used for a long time and were in storage. They were made back in the USSR, and           experts' high expectations from the use of this technique. Let's figure out together what these helicopters are.


Mi-24 — Soviet helicopter with the unofficial name “Crocodile”, developed by OKB M. L. Mile. Serial production began in 1971 year. As of 2021, it was the second most common attack helicopter in the world.  He had many modifications — A, B, C, E. Yes, the letter “G” somehow missed it. The Mi-24 features a new cockpit arrangement (tandem). The cabins themselves are isolated. In & nbsp; this model of helicopter, the tail rotor was placed on the left side & nbsp; side, which later became mandatory for all helicopters (instead of the previous right placement). In the process of testing the Mi-24D, a wide range of figures and elements of combat maneuvering of this helicopter was worked out — turn, turn, forced turn, slide, combat turn, turn and turn on hill, dive. The helicopter turned out to be quite maneuverable.

The armament complex is the same as on Mi-24B — ATGM (anti-tank guided missiles) 9M17PV Falanga-PV. The helicopter began to be produced in 1976, more than 600 machines were manufactured. Of course, after that the machines were modified several times, but we are interested in the Mi-24D, and we will stop on it.


The Mi-24 in various modifications is in service with dozens of countries. He participated in dozens of armed conflicts, including the Afghan war. Mi-24D helicopters began to arrive in Czechoslovakia as early as in 1978. Then about 40 cars arrived. Of  less than a dozen have survived to our days, which were sent to Ukraine. However, someone claims that there were 12 helicopters, someone that there were 7.

Main characteristics

The Mi-24 is built according to the classic single-rotor design with five-blade three-hinged main rotor and three-bladed tail rotors. Three-post chassis, retractable, with swivel front support.

The cockpit, engine oil tanks, main gearbox and hydraulic tank were armored with steel plates, the pilot's seat is also protected. One of the main features of the helicopter is the 6.75 m²With its own maximum takeoff weight of  11500 kg, the Mi-24 can carry up to 1500 kg of cargo or eight military personnel. The total power of the two engines — 4400 l. With. Maximum Speed — 320 km/h, and cruising — 270 km/h. High-rise ceiling — 4500 m. Combat flight range — about 600 km. The crew consists of 3 people.


The Mi-24 uses four-barreled machine guns YakB-12.7 with a rate of fire up to 4  ;500 rounds per minute.

However, the 9M17P guided anti-tank missiles of the Falanga-PV complex with a flight range of 4000 meters and armor penetration of 400 mm, they have now exhausted their resources and dismantled             therefore, vehicles are capable of using only aviation unguided missiles, which are not relevant in modern conditions. Moreover, such Mi-24s are not equipped with modern airborne defense systems. Military experts strongly doubt that the  army aviation of Ukraine will have the opportunity to retrofit them.

Back in 2019, the Czech government was going to sell all its Mi-24Ds, but for some reason it didn’t this.



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