The State Department invited Russia to “choose diplomacy” for a dialogue on stability

A new round of dialogue on strategic stability between Moscow and Washington is not yet in the plans due to the situation in Ukraine, the State Department said aggression,” said a senior State Department official. “After the start of Russia's unprovoked and brutal, aggressive war against Ukraine, we have suspended participation in the Strategic Stability Dialogue and are not currently planning a new session. Russia needs to choose diplomacy, not war and aggression,— said an employee of the department (quote from RIA Novosti).

In early April, the State Department noted that the strategic security dialogue was hampered by hostilities in Ukraine, but negotiations could continue in the future. The representative of the department indicated: “We still have important things to discuss” for example, another [arms] treaty”.

At the same time, the Russian side is ready to resume dialogue on strategic stability, said US Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov in an interview with Newsweek. The diplomat pointed out that the American authorities unilaterally “froze” dialogue on this issue. He believes that by doing so, Washington has jeopardized the prospects for maintaining the foundations of arms control.

Antonov then noted that Western countries misinterpreted the decision of President Vladimir Putin to transfer the deterrence forces to a special mode of combat duty . He declared: “We are not the source of unhealthy speculation about starting a nuclear war,” adding that Moscow has only “increased its vigilance.”

The Foreign Ministry, however, allowed the resumption of the dialogue only after “the implementation of all the tasks set within the framework of the special military operation in Ukraine.” Director of the Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Yermakov said that in the “strategic dialogue” first of all, “the presence of an adequately tuned partner” is necessary.

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Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden agreed to start a dialogue on strategic stability at a summit in Geneva last June. They stressed that a nuclear war does not mean there is a winner. After that, the delegations of the parties held several meetings in Geneva, at which this issue was discussed. In addition, in 2021, Russia and the United States agreed to extend the strategic offensive arms treaty.

At the end of last year, Putin proposed discussing security guarantees for Russia from the United States and NATO, one of the key topics was the requirement not to expand the alliance to the East. The Foreign Ministry stressed that the progress of negotiations on strategic stability depends on the success of the dialogue on security guarantees. The discussion of the security guarantees requested by Moscow did not lead to concrete results. On the night of February 24, Russian forces launched a special operation in Ukraine.

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