What kind of new small arms will Rostec create for the Russian army?

Specialists of TsNIITochmash (Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering) of the state corporation “Rostec” are considering the possibility of creating small arms with interchangeable modules in the interests of the Russian Armed Forces (AF). This is reported by TASS with reference to the press service of Rostec. The weapon has already passed a series of tests and confirmed its functionality and reliability, the press service of the state corporation said. 

What is known about the new small arms made for the Russian Armed Forces?

 How According to the state corporation, specialists have created a carbine with interchangeable modules, in which barrels can be quickly replaced depending on the required cartridge caliber.

 "TsNIItochmash specialists have all the competencies to scale the technology and implement it not only for the civilian segment, but also for small arms created in the interests of the armed forces", – quotes the industrial director of the arms cluster of Rostec Bekhan Ozdoev the company's press service.

 He also added that the development of a modular system in small arms will increase the unification (unification) of the main components of the machine gun, assault rifle, machine gun and submachine gun.

 Moreover, according to the developers, the modular approach will facilitate repair and restoration of weapons, and in the factory will create the possibility of a quick transition to another caliber in the event of the creation of new ammunition.

 How do experts evaluate weapons?

 Agency military observer < strong>Viktor Litovkinstated that modular weapons have always aroused increased attention in all industrialized countries of the world. He cited Belgium as an example, where several assault rifles with interchangeable barrels and bolts have already been created. 

However, the expert is not sure how quickly the shooter will be able to change the barrel at a tense moment on the battlefield.

 ""For all the attractiveness of such weapons, the ability to change barrels, and at the same time calibers when new targets arise that require, for example, a more powerful cartridge or a longer barrel, questions arise about how quickly you can change them in the tension of combined arms combat whether the delay in firing will affect the success of the operation and the life and health of the shooter himself, “-   the expert argues.

  He also added that with such a weapon, the weight load on each individual shooter increases , since in addition to spare barrels, bolts, magazines and cartridges of a different caliber, he carries on his shoulders a bulletproof vest, a machine gun or a machine gun (grenade launcher), binoculars, a first aid kit, a sapper shovel, and so on.

 Another thing – hunting modular weapons, says Litovkin. In his opinion, the design of a hunting rifle is most adapted to change barrels and their caliber without major modifications. “And therefore, I think, such weapons have prospects both in the domestic and foreign arms markets,” Litovkin said.

 Nevertheless, the expert is sure that army modular weapons when used in his creation of futuristic design can get export prospects.

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