What kind of promising Niobium radars were used in Ukraine?

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To control the airspace of Ukraine and the Russian border regions with it, the Russian military deployed a promising Niobium radar station. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the calculations of this radar today control the air situation within a radius of several hundred kilometers and provide information to air defense anti-aircraft missile systems. Let's see how this system works.

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Radar “Niobium” developed by the Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Radio Engineering, which is part of the Concern VKO “Almaz-Antey”. The forerunner of the project “Niobium” became the Sky radar family. Of course, the characteristics of the new station are cooler. By the way, the second name of the project is “Sky-UM”. The first version was intended for air defense of the Aerospace Forces, the second, “Niobium-SV” — according to the requirements of military air defense.

The main design work on products was completed at the beginning of the tenth years, and in 2013-2015. prototypes were made. They passed a full range of tests and trial operation in the army, after which they received a recommendation for acceptance for supply.


With the help of “Niobium” anti-aircraft gunners detect all types of air targets, including combat aircraft and helicopters, cruise and ballistic missiles and drones. Russian aerospace forces and ground forces receive serial radar stations of the Niobium line since 2017, and deliveries are still ongoing.

The complex even has the functions of determining the nationality of an air object and direction finding sources of radio interference. Data processing is carried out automatically with the subsequent issuance of ready-made information to consumers.


This is a mobile radar station of medium and high altitudes on duty, which is mounted on semi-trailers and wheeled chassis. The station is equipped with a folding active phased antenna array, a cabin with calculation points, and power supply facilities. The deployment of the system is long, taking five hours. However, for such systems this is the norm. On one antenna device of the station there are two arrays — rangefinder and altimeter, operating simultaneously in two ranges, which provides better noise immunity of the station.


Interestingly, the characteristics of the supplied product for the Russian army are unknown. Therefore, we will give the parameters of the export version — detection range of 600 km, altitude up to 80 km. A target with an effective dispersion area (ESR) of 1 sq. m is found from 430 km. The maximum target speed is — 8000 km per hour.

At the complex for military air defense in the export version “Niobium-SV” detection range 400 km, altitude — up to 40 km.

The stations can be deployed in areas without radar cover or supplement the existing radar network. Direct communication with anti-aircraft complexes is provided. These radars can be used in non-strategic missile defense and monitor the air situation around the clock for a long time.

High technical characteristics allow the stations to effectively monitor a large area and timely detect the entire range of actual threats —  at a great distance and at a considerable height. The products are capable of detecting aircraft and helicopters, high-precision weapons, UAVs and ballistic missiles. Also declared is the possibility of detecting and tracking stealth aircraft at ranges up to hundreds of kilometers. Of great interest is the function of identifying sources of interference.

“Niobium” can issue data to a higher command post for further processing and transmission to consumers. It also provides for the possibility of direct communication with anti-aircraft systems, which reduces the time from detection to hitting the target.

Apparently, the supply of new Niobium stations will continue. Thanks to them, the armed forces will be able to strengthen the radar field in some directions, including with the ability to maneuver and change its configuration.

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