The expert believes that the number of Russian Armed Forces will increase due to contract soldiers

The increase in the number of military personnel of the RF Armed Forces by 137 thousand people will be realized thanks to a larger recruitment of contract soldiers. This RIA Novosti said military expert Alexei Leonkov. In his opinion, there will be no increase in the number of conscripts.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which the number of full-time military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces will be increased by 137,000, to 1,150,628 people.

< p>Leonkov noted that the new types of military equipment that come into service with the Russian army have become more complicated. The military, who must operate the equipment, needs to be trained for at least three years, so “no military service will cover this.”

The expert said that with the start of the special operation, the number of people wishing to sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense increased, but they the number in the Armed Forces is limited to 600 thousand people.

Leonkov believes that the increase in the number of military personnel will not be the last in the coming years. In his opinion, the share of contract soldiers should be increased to at least 1.2 million people.

Earlier it was reported that Russian artillery and aviation hit seven command posts of the Ukrainian armed forces, four ammunition depots and manpower in 149 districts in a day .

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