The Ministry of Defense showed footage of the capture of the American M-113 armored personnel carrier

The armored personnel carrier was abandoned by the Ukrainian military. Earlier in September, the Ministry of Defense already reported on the capture of the M-113 /756633967398973.png” alt=”The Ministry of Defense showed footage of the capture of an American M-113 armored personnel carrier” />


The Russian military in Ukraine repelled an attack by an armored group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and captured an American M-113 armored personnel carrier abandoned by them, reported by the Ministry of Defense.

“The enemy was destroyed by the fire of the BTR-82A armored personnel carriers and anti-tank weapons. As a result of the battle, the Russian servicemen seized the US-made M-113 armored personnel carrier, which was abandoned by the Ukrainian servicemen, fleeing,—

It is specified that units of the Southern Military District were operating from the Russian side.

The M113 armored personnel carrier was developed in the USA in 1959, put into mass production a year later and was produced until 2007 th. In total, more than 80 thousand cars of this class were produced.

On September 11, the Russian military department also reported the capture of the M-113. Then the crews of Russian T-90 tanks suppressed three armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the American armored personnel carrier “was evacuated” with the front line as a trophy.

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USA During the Russian special operation, announced the provision of several packages of military assistance to Ukraine worth more than $30 billion. According to the Kiel Institute for World Economics (Germany), by the beginning of August, the amount of military assistance from Washington amounted to €25 billion (in dollars— about the same amount). In August—September, the US announced several more packages: almost $3 billion (the largest tranche), $1 billion, $775 million, $600 million, and others.

The Kremlin said that Western arms supplies would not prevent it from achieving its goals special operations. Specifically, about the American weapons that arrived in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that domestic forces “click [them] like nuts.”

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