The self-employed will have the right to take paid sick leave

Russians who work as self-employed will be entitled to paid sick leave. The details of the program were given by the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation.

“You can connect to the voluntary social insurance program for the self-employed through the My Tax application. At the same time, it is possible to pay contributions in equal installments throughout the year using auto payment. That is, it will be possible to connect to the insurance program in the most simple and convenient way for a citizen via a mobile application, without certificates and personal visits», — Andrey Pudov, Deputy Minister of the Ministry, said.

The self-employed are offered to insure the basic insured income. Its size is 32,484 rubles. To get the right to sick leave payments, every month it will be necessary to contribute 1247 rubles to the social insurance fund for six months.

The amount of payments will depend on the past work experience and experience of participation in the voluntary insurance program. In the first year, for the month of illness, the payments will be: with a work experience of more than eight years – & nbsp; 22.7 thousand rubles, with an experience of five to eight years – 18.1 thousand rubles, with an experience of up to five years – 13.6 thousand rubles. Starting from the second year of participation in the program, payments will amount to 32.4 thousand rubles, 25.9 thousand rubles. and 19.4 thousand rubles. accordingly.

The self-employed with excellent health will receive discounts when paying monthly contributions, the Ministry of Labor promises. After 18 months without insured events, its size will be reduced by 10%, and after 24 months – by 30%.

Under the terms of the voluntary insurance program, sick leave is paid in case of illness, injury, abortion or procedure  in vitro fertilization, prosthetics or treatment in sanatorium organizations after inpatient treatment of the self-employed, quarantine of the insured or his child under the age of 7 attending a preschool educational organization, or an incapacitated family member.

Earlier it was reported that 5.4 million Russians have already decided for themselves the status of self-employed 

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