Jacuh Lives the Fully Examined Life on ‘I got’

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Paul H


9 hours ago

​“i got” reflects jacuh`s innermost anxiety. His flow goes for the “fuck around and find out” variety. Slow and laid back, fast and intense, almost like he’s not there and then too much there, the track works in contradictions. The lyrics try to explore who he is. Nobody knows who they are. He proves that. Minimalism rules supreme. He keeps the whole thing taut. Only a melody and the starkest of beats serve as the only accompaniment. References to mind-altering entheogens wrapped in Sour Patch Kids embody what the track is about. Irresponsibility takes many forms, and shrooms might honestly be the most responsible part of that line.

​The jump from extreme confidence to extreme doubt –is called being alive. jacuh passes no judgement. Much of the song seems to tie the opposites together. Who is the real one within these opposites? Technically, it is everybody. A person has no one setting. One day there could be that swagger. Another day getting out of bed is an accomplishment it is about the ups and downs. Over the course of a lifetime, hell, even a week, that contains more than most people want to go through. Yet they do. When he mutters “It ain’t nothin’” that is perhaps the most brutal line in the whole thing. He’s gradually fading away, the loss of trying to find meaning, it hurts.

With “i got” jacuh holds nothing back showing the good, the bad, and the ugly.


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