Mosimann rings in the season with sublime anthem ‘Carol Of The Bells’

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If the coming Christmas season ever needed a proper club anthem, it’s here. Delivered by French DJ/producer Mosimann, known for his tasty blend of house and electro pop, his version of “Carol Of The Bells” brings a whole new dimension to the more than hundred years-old song. Based on the unwinding choir vocals, Mosimann adds a sturdy tech house beat, pushing bass line and dark, ominous synths to take you all the way to seasonal bliss. Christmas is here, and you better get down to it!

Eager to close off this successful year with a bang, Mosimann returns with a more than striking tune. “Carol Of The Bells” originally goes as far back as 1916, when it was created as a Ukrainian New Year’s Song, only to turn into a worldwide Christmas song in the years that followed – including a famous score in the 90’s movie Home Alone. In the hands of the French maestro, the tune enters a whole new chapter, this time made to light up the clubs.

In this 2022 version, he builds on the famous choir from the original, adding a resounding tech house beat, sharp percussion and layers of electronic sounds. When those renowned vocals reach their peak, Mosimann breaks things down, adds ominous bass chords and synth pads, before dropping it all back into a relentless groove.

Such an action-packed tune, not in the least thanks to the choir, swirling around the beat to an almost maddening vibe. It’s the raw edge Mosimann is looking for, challenging the club crowd with provoking hooks, while providing energy with powerful drums and chords. Wherever you are, he’ll make sure you’ll catch a spark of the excitement this season.

“Christmas has always been a special time for me, quite sad. I decided to work on a track we can enjoy in clubs, with a reference to my childhood and the Home Alone movie that all generations love. Now we can also party hard at Christmas!” – Mosimann

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