NJ’s Sadiddy Boss Shows He’s Meant For More On “Only Tha Gwitty”

left entry-title” itemprop=”headline”>NJ’s Sadiddy Boss Shows He’s Meant For More On “Only Tha Gwitty”




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Sadiddy Boss is a fast rising artist from the northeast state of New Jersey winning fans over with his unique take on old school hip hop. Influenced by his upbringing in New York, the artist naturally found that to be his style and ran with it.

Following up his collab single “Next one up” with ABG Neal, Sadiddy Boss dropped fans the second longer project of his career. Titled “Only Tha Gwitty,” the mixtape reflects the tough mindset of the artist while showing some fun along the way. Sadiddy doesn’t hold back and let’s fans know he isn’t one to be messed with going forward.


Sadiddy Boss will look to build upon the successes of “Only Tha Gwitty” in the new year. With plenty of new releases on the horizon be sure to stay up to date with the artist.


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